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15.01.2015 3D GYM MOD691


Trainer Warm Up 15 Min.

Skill: 3-Position Pause Snatch 15 Min.

Competition: 15 Min. to build an excellent Complex of: Pause @ Low Hang (under Knee Cap), Pause @ Hang (above Knee Cap – mid thigh), Pause at Pockets. No more than 65% 1RM! Focus on Excellence.

Fitness: excellent Complex. light weight perfect form. If you are not capable of Squat Snatches yet, Power Snatch plus OHS is fine.

The goal of this session is to walk away with technique improvement. Wether it´s your starting position 2nd Pull, 3rd Pull …


Emom x 15

Min 1: 3 Squat Snatches, broken. Reset after each Rep. You choose the weight.

Min 2: 3-5* Ring Muscle Ups/10-15* Ring Dips

Min 3: 2 x 5m* Handstandwalk / 510* HSPU or 30sec. HS HOLD

*Pick a reasonable number which you are capable to reach at all 5 Rounds.

No Score today. This is all about mechanics and consistency in it.

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