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15.01.2013 3D GYM MOD285


What a great start in the week “passing out” on our capacity test.
You guys did very well, we had 7 athletes finish each round within the 3:00 – 3:45 min and almost everyone finished each round within the timecap.
If you did not finish yet, don´t be upset, it just shows that there is a lack in capacity which we will improve, workout by workout. This test is for anybody but yourself. We need to look for improvement not beating someone else. UNLESS YOU ARE A COMPETITOR ALREADY! (Great Job Rudi#77, who set the fastest time 3:22min.- he is a Masters Competitor, London Throwdown Jan 26-27th 2013. By the way Rudi wasn´t born as a Competitor, the first time he rowed 250m, he fell off the rower completely exhausted without any additional work of burpees or swings. 6,5 months later he is ready to compete. So just stick with it, you can do it aswell. If you are not interested in competition @ all, that´s fine CrossFit is an exclusive strength and conditioning program for your personal fitness. ; ).  As a matter of fact only 10% of all CrossFitters actually compete in Competitions. However we encourage everyone to do so, since it will simply boost your fitness like nothing else. So stay prepared Champions Day III is on its way!)
Keep up the good work!
Coach Andi

10 min Trainer Warmup

Skill: 5 Rounds:
1 Min. to complete:

10 Med Ball Knee Raises 20/14

5 Hollow Superman Transition

Rest 1 Min. after each Round

Coaches Corner: The MB Knee Raise is a great Skill exercise to improve Toes 2 Bar, the hang will get your grip ready for the heavy Deadlifts.
H-S will prepare your Core to pick up loads from the floor.
Warmup for Deadlifts. 10-5-3-2 /50%-60%-70%-80% (10 Min.)

8 Min. to work up to your 1 Rep. max.

Rest 2 Min.

8 Min. Amrap Deadlifts @ 90%!

Coaches Corner: Athletes cannot drop the bar at any time, place it on every attempt. Take hands off the bar, find your set up before starting the next Rep. If you drop the bar it is simply to heavy and a no Rep. Anything louder than a bounced Medball is a drop! (Your Coach will demonstrate!) 

Good CrossFitters have a high absolute strength, and are able to move loads close to their 1RM without much rest in between reps. High level regional athletes will score 25+ on this workout. CFKP

Score: Reps and weight.

Tryout Month:

8 min. to work on your technique up to a 5RM. need to maintain excellent form before adding weight!!!
Rest 2 Min.
8 Min Amrap of your 5 RM Weight. Same standards here: Athletes cannot drop the bar at any time, place it on every attempt. Take hands off the bar find your set up before starting the next Rep.

Cashout: Spend 5 Min Cooling of your Hammies: Gymnastic Stretch, Foamroll, Band Stretch etc.

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

Tryout Month attendes please watch these in advance so we are all talking the same language, thank you!

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