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14.10.2013 3D GYM MOD380


Trainer Warmup 10 Min.

Walk through S.O.P. 10 Min.

Partner WOD

In Teams of 3

Row 3 K switching every 500m

30 TGUs 32/24 

60 Pullups

90 Pushups

120 WallBallShots 10/6kg

AMRAP 30 Min.

Score: Reps. (Row=Calories).


I am still overwhelmed what happened in Innsbruck, don´t know where to start…

First of all a big hand to Tom Hölzl and his CrossFit Innsbruck Crew for a very well organized Event. Live Band, BBQ and 7 great WODS. This was very sound promo for The Sport of Fitness. Thanks Tom.

88 Athletes in 22 Teams from Austria, Switzerland and Germany showed up to take on the Challenge. 8 Rockstar Teams (Competition Category) and 14 Newcomer Teams (Fitness Category).

All 3 CrossFit Salzburg Teams made the Podium.


Gold: CrossFit Salzburg I

Silver: CrossFit Salzburg II

Bronze: „Nikki und die starken Stemmer“ or how I call them the „The Beast of the East“


Bronze: CrossFit Salzburg III

(The Names of our Teams match their Ranking I need to overthink that…)


Every single CFSBG athlete PR´d in Event 1.

The „Beast from the East“ Ronny Gmeiner hammered out a smooth 130kg Snatch!!!, quite impressive… .The Fact that each kilogramm scored a point and each centimeter scored a point made it even more impressive when seconds later Flo was flying up the Box 139cm followed by Chris with an 134cm Box Jump PR. Our Oly Lifters did not expect to dominate this Event so everybody was quite satisfied still coming out with a PR on the Squat Snatch (or Snatch Squat). Dieter was good for 70kg so was Niki. Greg and Andi had an 80 kg  PR Snatch on their Scoreboard when time ran out. Manu Steiner twisted her ankle on her final Box Jump but if one thought she was about to quit ,one was wrong. She went on competing as if there was no tomorrow. Sonja,Tom, and Robert scored precious points on their PR Trials for their team.

After Event 1, CFSBG II sat in 2nd place followed by CFSBG II 8 Points short. CFSBG III in 2nd Place in the Newcomer division.

In Event 2 Team CFSBG II outperformed evrybody else with a Score of 613 Points. A tremendous performance considering the high intensity maintenance in that 15 Min. Metcon.

CFSBG II took over lead with an outstanding 1001 Points, CFSBG I laying in wait ranked fourth. CFSBG III ranked second overall after EVENT 1 and 2. So it all came down to the Final Event 3, a 3 WOD Event where a lot of scoring could be done. Worth 735 Points plus 1 point/second if you finished inside the TimeCap.

CFSBG I executed their Gameplan very well, the Ninjas Greg and Olli got off their legs, letting their bodies fly all over the CrossFit Innsbruck Box on the Chest 2 Bars and Handstandpushups. Sonja and Andi took over to shoot sharp on the WallBalls Pistol Couplet getting into the Final Chipper under 10 Minutes. (Sonja you definitely need a gun license for your Pistols) Again the Ninjas did what Ninjas do, defying the laws of physics, whereas Sonja and Andi raped the Bar on the heavy thrusters. At that Point it did not look as if they were up to winning the Challenge but furthermore showing the audience the beauty of the Sport of Fitness.Team CFSBG I finished Event 3  in 23:04min. (the only team to finish that Event inside the TimeCap.) giving them a huge boost on Points.

CFSBG II gave their very best executing their Gameplan coming up just short to finish the last set of the 25 Muscle ups still holding all the other teams in distance making it on the Podium in 2nd place behind Team CFSBG I.

Our Newcomers performed an excellent show moving through Event3 like a blizzard. Falling short just 3 Reps. on Scores of 2000 plus points making 2nd Place.

Honorable mention:

-Hans Peter, Ingrid and Luna skipped their Wellness day to travel to Innsbruck instead to support our Teams. You guys are crazy!!! We love crazy people! Wilson got on the road with us at 6:15am in the mourning just like Alex Z. to take pictures and film. Thanks for your support. So did Anita, Nasti and Lisa, thanks honey for coming down to cheer on us and feed us.

– Niki Selner made the Spirit of the Challenge for completing an extra Rep. When the Judge rep´d him good he „No REP´D“ himself and did an extra Rep. to the surprise of the audience. That´s CFSBG ATTITUDE at its finest, thanks Niki. A lot of people where totally impressed with that act of Excellence.

– Manu Steiner twisted her ankle in the very first WOD and refused to give up. More than that she took on the Rope Skips in Event 3 giving up herself completely, serving her team with all she got. You are a true inspiration, Manu.

– Flo the Competition „Rookie“, performed like a Routinier. Scoring an overall record (139Points) on event 1, killed Event2 on Toes2Bar/Deads with his team and took responsibility in Event 3. He definitely proved his selection to compete at Rockstar Category. Thanks Flo for your Trust.

Fazit: After all scoring facts the one thing that makes me feel so gifted being Coach at CrossFit Salzburg is the fact that all of our athletes and members represented what CrossFit Salzburg is all about. A Commitment to Excellence by giving all you got on every single Rep. and by giving up yourself completely to serve a team´s sake. The audience and all the other athlete´s noticed that and gave credit to it. Thank you Manu, Sonja, Chrissy, Anita, Lisa, Ingrid, Luna, Alex, Hans Peter, Wilson, Tom, Dieter, Robert, Flo, Chris, Niki, Olli and Greg. 

CrossFit Salzburg II Final Event 3 on upload available asap.

All the other Videos are on Wilson´s Camera. Hopefully I will get them today. By the way thank you Wilson and Alex for taking film and pics.

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