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13.06.2013 3D GYM MOD385


… just finished Event 3 for the second time and everytime I find myself on the ground totally exhausted and truly happy. This Saturday we get the chance to share this experience together in a very unique and privileged community.
There is a lot of talking going on about the events, strategies and so on. And I think this is a good thing ´cause it shows that it means something to you. But please do not beat yourself up in advance because there is one or two movements which won´t show your true strengths. Nobody will step up and point his finger on you, oh my god that dude can´t muscle up… No, you are a member of a very unique community that helps each other and encourages everyone to get better. 
You are privileged to compete in the greatest Sport there is, represent your Box and yourself. What a fun day this is. It will make you push harder and move faster than you would never know without competing.
That´s the spirit of Champions Day and always will be. To rise to challenges that make one better. Leaving all you got in the gym (or wherever we might ask you to compete), that´s what makes an you as an athlete happy. You compete with yourself above all. Never forget that! – and the score takes care of itself. 

Looking forward meeting all of you great athletes in our Gym @ CrossFit Salzburg.


BTW: If I catch someone bothering our Coaches with questions on Event 2, he/she will be penalized a 10 seconds penalty for every single try. @Chris,you already exceed the time Cap! Forget it no one knows the details about event 2…

This is the last Champ Day Prep. Wod. Tomorrow, Friday  Open Gym for all „CD IV“Competitors. Of course we will have a regular WOD for all of our non Competitors that will prepare you for „CD V“ ; )

Trainer warmup 10 Min + Burgener Warmup

Skill: Power Clean, Power Snatch, OHS (15 Min.)

Competition: Warm up the following Complex. 10 Power Cleans- 5 Power Snatch- 3 OHS.

then 3 Rounds of this Complex every 2 Minutes. Focus on Speed not weight. No Regrip no Drops.Try to maintain your Hook-grip. Shoot for 30-40 seconds @ 40-50kg on this complex. Work in teams.

Fitness: Work 15 Minutes on the Complex of 5 Power Cleans-5 Power Snatch- 5 OHS. Lightweight. Excellence and Speed. Try get at least 7 Rounds of this Complex. Rest as needed. Work in teams.

then (20 Min Time Cap.)

3 Rounds of:

15 Power Clean @ 42,5/30kg

Run 400m

Rest 1 Min. after each Round

Deload the Bar to 35/20kg

3 Rounds of

15 Power Snatch 35/20kg

Run 400m

Rest 1 Min. after each round

Score: Time, NO DROPS!!! 


3 Rounds of:

15 Power Clean 35/17kg

Run 400m

Rest 1 Min. after each Round

Deload the Bar to 25/12kg

3 Rounds of

15 Power Snatch 25/12kg

Run 400m

Rest 1 Min after each Round

Score: Time, NO DROPS!!! Barbell below Knee Cap on 25kg,20kg and 17kg weights.

 Coaches Point: If we run out of weights make up teams, as soon as Partner 1 takes off for the run Partner 2 starts the Lifts.
This is really funny, watch @ 31:10min.

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