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12.11.2013 3D GYM MOD400


400th MOD (Mission Of the Day) aka WOD (Workout Of the Day) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !

… and our journey goes on. Thanks CrossFit Salzburg Community for your Trust and your Commitment To Excellence.

Trainer warmup 10 Min.

Strength: Weighted Lunges 20 Min.

Competition: Back Rack Lunges 5-5-5-3-3-2-1 Use Racks, 5 means 5 right 5 left. climb up to 1 heavy Rep. Yes you will be sore the next days. Work in teams.

Fitness: Back Rack Lunges 5-5-5-5-5 May use Rack.

then it´s Time to move some Weights.


Partner „DT“

5 Rounds

12 Deads 70/47,5kg

9 Hang Cleans 70/47,5kg

6 Push Jerk 70/47,5kg

Score: Time. One Partner does full round then they switch. Find a partner that fits your level. Rudi, hopefully Dimitri shows up. Time Cap: 20 Min. You cannot drop the Bar in this WOD. Any contact with the floor louder than a dropped WallBall gets kicked in the nuts. By means, if you can´t control the weight on the way down, it´s simply too heavy for you. Pick a weight you can control!!! You already take profit of our dropping policy, BOL Qualifier 2 asks for 3 RM Hang Snatch where you can´t drop the weight either to make your attempt count (unless the last Rep).


Partner „DT“

5 Rounds

12 Deads 47,5/30kg scale as needed

9 Hang Cleans 47,5/30kg

6 Push Jerk 47,5/30kg

Score: Time. One Partner does full round then they switch. Time Cap: 20 Min.

Weigh Lifting World Champion Dimitri Klokov gets crushed crushes 3 Rounds of „DT“.

then he quits on Sally… what kind of Champion is he? A Champion is supposed to encourage his environment! Can´t see that in you Mr. Klokov. Respectively you are strong, now show some attitude, dude!

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