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12.09.2013 3DGYM MOD359


Trainer Warmup 10 Min.

Skill/Strength: Hang Squat Clean

Competition: 20 Min to work up to A Heavy and excellent HangSquat Clean Triple + 1 Jerk.
Focus on Pulling yourself underneath the Bar instead of Pulling the Bar High, Footwork is critical here! Work that weight across 3-3-3-3-3 Finishing each Round with a Jerk. Cannot Drop the Bar! Work in Teams.

Fitness: 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 at light weight. Finish each Rep. With a Jerk. This is a Skill Session for You weights are Not your Priority Now!


Hang Squat Cleans 50/32,5 or 20/15kg Dumbbells
Handstand PushUps reg. Standard
Score: Time, Time Cap: 15 Min.

HangSquatClean 32,5/20kg (PowerClean+ Front Squat is ACCEPTaBLE)

*perform the PushUps Rockystyle, use 20 kg Bumper, PushUp while 1 Hand is on the Bumper, Switch Hands After each Rep.
Score:Time, Time Cap: 15 Min.

Friday’s GAMEDAY NS 13.2
This GAMEDAY requires Or may require dropping weights for best results.
There will be 3 Classes When dropping is ACCEPTABLEl.
FRIDAY 7am & 6:30pm
Other than that you Cannot drop the weights!
8 Athletes per Class (2 Heats)
Make sure to sign up in the Gym for your Spot. Also, you Need a Judge for this Wod who will Not only Judge you but also Assist you on the weight changes.

Have Fun!

Rob is killing me. Had a Great Team Wod together in the Morning.
10 Rounds of
10 C&J 60kg
10 over the Bar Burpees
10 BackSquats 60kg.

Athlete 1 completes 10 C&J then Athlete2 completes 10 BurbeesOT and Athlete1 finishes the Round with 10 Backsquats then Athlete 2 Does the 10 C&J and Athlete1 the Burpees …until 10 Rounds are completed.
Was fun working together with a regionals athlete, we Crushed that One in 15:40 min. Thanks to Rob. There definitely is a Gap between CrossFitters and One of the best in Europe like Rob. We both went unbroken on our Reps. but Rob’s unbroken was slightly ; ) faster…
Second best Time by 2 pretty descent Swedish Athletes 23:53min.
If you want to give it a Shot.
First, go unbroken and Second, move really fast.
Power Greetz from Mallorca

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