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12.08.2013 3D GYM MOD427


Trainer warmup 10 Min.

Skill/Strength: 15 Min to work up to 1 heavy TGU. Move odd objects, MB, Barbell, Bumpers, Humans…


Amrap 4 Min. of

TGU alternating 24/16kg

Score: Reps

Rest 1 Min

4 Rounds of

20 sec. Handstand Hold (Stand free)

10 sec. Rest

20 sec. Max. Reps. Strict PullUps

10 sec. Rest

Rest 1 Min

Run for Time:


Score: Time

Congratulations to all our athlete´s that succesfully acomplished the 1000´s week final. „THE 1000 WALLBALLSHOTS“. It definitely took actually „3 Balls“ (2 Balls+ 1 MedBall) to complete this Challenge. (except Chrissy and Alex R. I do not know how you did it, though.)

As I said before, I am convinced that if you give up yourself completely and ask for nothing in return beautiful things will happen to you and your environment. So happened this week. As you all may have noticed some „Reebok One“ Logos were painted all over the gym this week.

CrossFit Salzburg official Reebok recognized Box. That is a sign of Quality on which we can be very proud of!

No, we did not sell CFSBG to Reebok and we never will. Just like CrossFit, WE ARE UNBUYABLE. Reebok scouted us as one of the few Boxes that earn a „Reebok Recognized Status“(We are the only one in Austria), which is their recognition of Quality in CrossFit Boxes. Which means we all do something right in our place. We now are legible to supply you officially with Reebok CrossFit Gear, Gear designed by CrossFitters for CrossFitters. Reebok will support us for „Champions Days“, special Deals, discounts, BBQs etc. All in all I am very proud that we were chosen by Reebok and you, our athletes will profit from this partnership!!! For us- your Coaches- it means that we will work on improving quality in our box daily to spread and represent the Sport of Fitness in Salzburg, in Europe and the rest of the CrossFit World! Thanks for your outstanding Commitment. And thank you Rene Michel (Fitness & Training Manager Reebok Central Europe) for your TRUST and RESPECT. These are the values we are built upon and believe in! Andi HC CFSBG

How to complete 1000 WallBalls? Well that´s pretty simple. Start with „Karen“ than do another 700 Shots and do „Karen“ again. Pretty simple, right. Congrats to all participants: Thom L., Chrissy S., Robert O., Christian S., Andi10 and the „Champ“; It took us 1h 36 min.

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