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11.11.2013 3D GYM MOD399


CRY ME A RIVER „THE DITCH“ REGISTRATION OPEN. I got a feeling we will need our C2 Rowers… Yeahaaa…

Warmup 15 Min. In teams of 3 „Rowling“

COMP WOD 11.9.13

IN TEAMS OF 3 (one working two resting)

9x200m Row (also Ski Erg is an Opiton)

150 Push Press 42,5/30kg

150 SDHP 42,5/30kg

150 Push Press 42,5/30kg

9x200m Row

Team must hold a single 32/24kg KB the entire duration. If it hits the ground, whole team does 10 Burpees.

Score: Time. 30 Min TimeCap. Cannot Drop The Bar.

First of all this videos purpose is not to make fun of anyone. It´s a sheer example of a man thriving for excellence. Respectively, Niki didn´t get 2 unbroken DUBS 30 days ago, before taking a 2:1 coaching with our Skipping Expert Bekki. Now he takes on the flight simulator. Niki, I saw myself in you when watching this video. I believe everybody does. It felt like a decade before I got them in my world. Thanks for showing what commitment to excellence means, Fighting for every Rep. until time runs out. And still being able to laugh about oneself if you fail 20+times. Keep it going and you will have them in your world soon! You are a true Ambassador of Fitness.

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