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11.07.2014 3D GYM MOD563



Gameday Warm Up

Gameday Announcement

Walk through S.O.P.

Indi Warm Up

Gameday Huddle feat. „The Black Pearl“

3-2-1- Leave it all in the Gym.


Score: Time or Reps. Time Cap.: TBA



Remember Matt Chan. 2 times Games -Competitor. Matt had a Mountainbike accident last week. He is one of the coolest dudes in the CrossFit Community I ever met. He is still smiling after crashing his Mountainbike.

This is what he said on Twitter:

Well, I was celebrating Independence Day with Cherie on the West Mag trails near Nederland. Somewhere on Hobbit3 I popped over a downed tree at moderate speed. As I hit the other side, my bar crossed and dug into the ground. My groin took the other end of this impact. After 2-3 minutes of extremely unsettled rolling around on the trail, I stopped to look at the lump inside my bike shorts… Which was bigger than usual. It was clear that I hit either a vein or an artery, as a liter and a half of blood had already accumulated. Couldn’t stand, couldn’t walk, couldn’t straighten my leg. A rescue performed by Boulder, Nederland, and Flight For Life agencies got me to St. Anthony’s Central, a Level1 trauma hospital. Immediate surgery to repairs large severed femoral veins and 3 fasciaotomies to relieve pressure and I’m ok. One inch down and I would have severed my femoral artery and wouldn’t be typing this. Thanks for all well wishing, prayers, and love. I’m doing pretty good. I have a boat load of staples after the repair of the veins and a ton more coming to close up the fasciaotomies. Thank you to everyone who helped evacuate me from the trail. Love you all!


Foto 3

Although this looks really ugly, the injury itself isn´t that bad. He just had to have his quads sliced in order to get the blood out of his thighs. Fasciatomie after Compartment Syndrom. 

Please don´t read any further  if you had a meal, recently. Matt shared his Pictures on Twitter.

Ok friends, you asked for it. This is what a fasciaotomy looks like to relieve compartment syndrome. This week, I’ll have all three of these incisions closed up in one way or another. The funny part is this isn’t even the injury site, which has already been repaired and closed up with 25 staples.


Foto 2Get well soon Matt, hope to see you at the Games.

Andi, Matt and Chris at The 2013 Games

Andi, Matt and Chris at The 2013 Games


>>>“The funny part is this isn’t even the injury site, which has already been repaired and closed up with 25 staples.“<<< Matt Chan.

You see this guys positive nature. This attitude after an injury is what you need. See the positive, be humble and save your humor. 


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