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11.04.2013 3D GYM MOD344


GOOD NEWS Double Header.

First: Muscle Milk is ordered and will be in stock soon! Friday, Monday the latest. You have to do a WOD before you may buy One!

Second: We gonna ad a lot of running into our WODS ! (Snow, I don´t want you to be around me anymore, nothing personal, though!) 

Trainer Warmup 15 Min.

Skill: 3-3-3 Power Cleans, this is Touch and Go, No Drops Bar must be controlled at all times. Take serious Warm up Reps, Pick your Weight and Work across!

5 Rounds for Time:

21 WallBallshots 10/6kg

21 DUBS, No Subs for Dubs!

200m Run

Score: Time (Time Cap 20 Min.) Scaled Version totals 3 Rounds!


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