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11.03.2013 3D GYM MOD322


Open Competition is on,but recent News changes ones mind about life, family, health and Sports. Due to this news we will have an update on our Athletes Open Performance later on this week. This is what goes on in our minds right now.

CHRIS we are one big Family and you are an important member of this Family. The way you inspire everyone around you by what you achieve, both inside and outside the box is so prescious. Your brother must be so proud of YOU!

We want to dedicate this WOD to YOU and PAT. You know you do have a strong CrossFit family anytime you need us! Hope to have you back in the Gym asap! LOVE, Your CrossFit Salzburg Family!

10 Min. Trainer Warmup

Skill: 4 Rounds of: 30 sec. Chest to Bar Hold (Elbows behind your back) 15 sec. transition time, 30sec. Hollow Rocks.


Teams of 2, 30 Min. Amrap of:

10 Over KB Squats (Do a full AirSquat and jump over the KB with both feet leaving at the same time, this is 1 Rep, repeat until you get 10 Reps. then Pick up the KB and do…)

10 KB PUSH PRESS 24/16 kg,( rxd+ 32/20kg), even proportioned left and right (5l/5r)

after each Round „Fireman Carry“ your teammate 40 Meters and switch.

Score: simply bleed it out!

scale weight as needed

Chris if you do this on your own in Stuttgart, use a heavy Dumbbell and Run 300m after each Round, still 30 Min. Amrap!



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