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10.12.2014 3D GYM MOD420


Trainer warmup 10 Min.

Strength: Bench Press (15 min.)

Competition: Warmup then Benchmark: Bodyweight Bench Press max. Rep. Test. Shoot for  15+ Reps.

Rest 3 Min. and Retest!

Score: Reps.: Attempt1 and Attempt2

Fitness: Warmup then Benchmark: Bench Press 15RM Test. Choose a weight you can handle close to 15 Reps.or above.

Rest 3 Min. and Retest!

Score: Weight of Attempt1 and Attempt2


4 Rounds of

6 Front Squats 70/50kg

12 Over Bar Sprawls

40 Dubs

Score: Time, Time Cap: 15 Min. No Drops!

4 Rounds of

6 Front Squats 50/30kg

12 Over Bar Sprawls

20 Dubs or 80 Singles

Score: Time, Time Cap: 15 Min.

Ca$hout: 50 Toes2Bar or Hanging Knee Raises TimeCap: 10Min.


Finishing TOP 20 in the Italian Throwdown. (18th Place!)

Picture shows CrossFit Salzburg´s „BEKKS“ next to 2013 CrossFit Games Competitor Valley´s Girl „BEKKS“.

Improve your Mechanics on CrossFit Foundational Movements. I highly recommend this chance of working in a small group with our -Competition Prove Coach „BEKKS“- (Rebekka) especially to everyone new to CrossFit. The Skills you learn in this 2:30 hours seminar are actually unbuyable. (€ 25,- only) Only 9 Spots available. Sign up on the Gym Board to save your Spot. Head Coach Andi


Rebecca Voigt & Rebekka Perschl

Rebecca Voigt & Rebekka Perschl




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