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10.10.2013 3D GYM MOD378


Trainer Warmup 10 Min.

Strength/Skill: Thruster/HSPU

Competition: 20 Min to work up to an unbroken 3RM Thruster. Use Racks. No Drops, Work in teams! after each Round transfer to 3-7 Kipping HSPUs. Focus on efficiency and technique.

Fitness: Warm up then across 5-5-5-5-5 Thrusters. after each Round transfer to 3-7 HSPUs or Most Difficult Progression.


Competition and Fitness

16 Minutes OTM

Odd: 8 Thrusters 50/30kg // 40/20kg

Even: 8 Chest2Bar Pullups//Pullups or Most Difficult Progression. Purple,Green, Blue Band.

Score: 128 Reps. 1 Rep. subtracted for any missed Rep.

If you can´t go on C2B at some Point go on with Chin Over Bar PullUps.
Finally our Rogue Bumpers arrived. It´s a good sign if a box has to order bumpers, which means its athlete´s are getting stronger!

Quick Thoughts on our Rocktober Challenge in Innsbruck:

Here is a rough Gameplan for TeamCaptains.

Event  1: Let your Ninjas Jump and your Beasts Snatch.

Event 2: We tested the TTB DL Couplet. We reached times between 45 seconds (Ninja Flo´s Top Score!) and 1:10 min.

The Goal must be to average a 1 Min. 15TTB-DL Couplet Time while using this as a Pacemaker for the Burpee Box Jumps. I look at it like a Baseball field where 2 Bases are loaded and 2 Empty. Let your fastest Athlete´s start at the TTB-DL behind him the next fastest, which will most likely be your Ninja Type Athlete´s. Let your Beasts start with Burpee Box Jumps. So Athlete A starts at TTB-DL  and Athlete C will Start at The Box. „A“ takes 50 sec. for the Couplet so Athlete C will take 50sec. Amrap Burpee Box Jumps. Then the Rotating starts and continues for 15 Min. The Advantage will be that we get the Ninjas more time to score Reps on the Burpee Boxjumps. Work:Rest Ratio will be approxametly 1:1 so you can really go hard on each Station.

Event3: The C2B Couplet should be switched between Athletes in smaller sets like 5 Reps. Switching here does not take a lot of time from the clock compared to the WallBallPistol Couplet. This will let your athletes move steadily. Important you don´t want to burn one to early!!! Choose your athletes wisely here. Smaller lighter athlete´s definetly got an advantage on HSPUs-C2B.

Make sure your team goes through that ascending Chipper C2B-HSPU Couplet prior to game day. Switching is a major deal on these Couplets where a lot of time will be safed.

Sonja and I tested the WallBall-Pistol Couplet and made it through in 5Min.40 sec. We chose larger sets here because of Rhythm at the WallBalls and Pistols. Sonja is a Ninja at Pistols and I am pretty comfortable with WallBalls. So she did about 85% of the Pistols as I did about 85% of the WallBalls. Switching too often here takes away precious time. Still Remenber each athlete has to take at least 1 good Rep. at each Set.

When this Couplet is finished all athletes move to the final chipper, No Rest in between. The C2B-HSPU Team got at least 5 Min. Rest now so they´ll be fresh to bite of a big chunk of the 25 Muscle Ups. Rotate through this while keeping your Thruster beasts as fresh as possible since they need to attack the 50 Thrusters hard. Rotate through this as needed, share the 300 DUBS and Repeat again in opposite order going all out. There will be no EVENT4 so don´t leave anything in your tank!!!

Hope I got the point clear- any questions left ( I am sure you do have questions) do not hesitate to ask please!

 We will wear our CFSBG Competition Shirts so everybody will see who we are.

I believe a 100% in every single athlete of our teams. You are the chosen ones. You earned your spot hard and deserve to represent yourself , your team and your Box in Innsbruck. Everybody knows his strengths and weakness so we put it on the line as a team in these Events. I am damn proud of You already. Give it all you got and the score will take care of itself. HC ANDI

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