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10.09.2013 3D GYM MOD357


Homecoming to CrossFit Mallorca.
What a small CrossFit World this is. Walked in at CFM today Proud to Finally Hand over our CFSBG SHIRT to Rob When all of a sudden a Woman pulled me aside. Hey you are from CrossFit Salzburg (pointing at my Shirt), my Friend Anna Works out at your Gym. Let’s send her a Whatts App. Message and so we did, Chris Style I thought. ; ) also,it is a useful Tool as I can Tell Now. Anna I Met your Friend Elena here in Mallorca and she told me the Story how she got you into CrossFit. By the Way I did Not know you Drive all the Way up from Gmunden for each WOD, Anna. I would too…to Workout at our Gym ; )
Another Thing that made it Feel like a homecoming to me is the Fact that Whenever I Show up at Rob there is Plenty of Toes2Bar on the Board. ; ) I am already starting to like them, which I am going to Share with you Guys back home!

Trainer Warmup 10 Min.

Skill/Strength: PRESS 20 Min.

COMPETITION: 3-3-3-3-3 Strict Press, this is a True 3RM Test. So work your Way up through These Sets. Rest as needed.

FITNESS: work up to a weight you can handle with excellent Form and work it across 3-3-3-3-3.



Buy in 50 Good Mornings 30/20kg Barbell
Put weights on.
30 S2OH 50/30kg
30 T2B
30 Jump. Lunges

20 S2OH
20 T2B
20 Jump. Lunges

10 S2OH
10 T2B
10 Jump. Lunges
Cashout another 50 Good Mornings 30/20kg Barbell. Make sure to get Shoulders and hips on the Same Level while Leaning forward with soft knees.
Score: Time, Time Cap. 20 Min.

Buy in 50 Good Mornings with a 20 kg Barbell Or Green Band/purple Band
30 S2OH 30/17kg
30 Situps straight legs.
30 Jump. Lunges

20 S2OH
20 Situps
20 Jump. Lunges

10 S2OH
10 Situps
10 Jump. Lunges
Cashout another 50 Good Mornings.

Score: Time, Time Cap.20 Min.

If we Run Out of weights, Share 1 Bar for this Wod and Chase each Other through this Wod. Use Bands for Good Mornings Or Bumpers Held behind your back in that Case.

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