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10.02.2014 3D GYM MOD460


Congratulations to Mathias Mayer making Austria´s first gold medal in Men´s downhill. Wanna know how he felt after crossing the finish line. Well, you´ll know after todays Warmup.

Warmup: Run, Skierg, Row and Stretch for 5 Min., then Load a Bar. Scale weights as needed from PVc Pipe only to RX 52,5kg/35kg. and wait for the music. (Bring Sally Up) (15 Min.)

then Open Prep. walk through S.O.P. and set up Stations. (15 Min.)

„FGB THIS“ (17-21. Min.)

3 Rounds for max Reps.

1 Min. WallBalls 10/6kg
1 Min. SDLHP 32/24kg KB
1 Min. Toes2Bar/Hanging Knee Raise
1 Min. Push Press DB 20/15kg
1 Min. Row for Cal.
1 Min. Rest

Score: Total Reps. scale weights as needed.

If class is packed start heats in waves. Wave 2 starts at Wallballs when wave 1 gets to T2B. Scale weights as needed. If lightest Dumbbell 10kg is too heavy for the Push Press, find yourself something challenging to press over your head. …Plates 5 kg or little humans …

Paleo Challengers please record week1 score on the Gym Board.

Paleo Restaurant Tipp. Claudio´s Potatoes & Co.

That´s what I call a master piece!!! Well Done Claudio.

Claudio´s 8kg Prime Rib at Potatoes & Co.

Claudio´s 8kg Prime Rib at Potatoes & Co.

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