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09.12.2014 3D GYM MOD668



Ever wondered why we call our WODS, MOD668 (Mission Of the Day) on the title line? Well, ever since we opened the doors of CrossFit Salzburg we are on a mission. Our mission: Changing people´s life for the better by forging elite athletes. You the athletes are CrossFit Salzburg and together we are constantly growing and spreading the word of CrossFit in Salzburg and all over Austria. Workout by Workout in our Box, by running and participating in competitions like the Austrian Champions Day or even help establish other CrossFit affiliates. Now we are over 2 years on a very successful journey and we feel like it´s time to appreciate your efforts, commitment and loyalty. 

Therefor we are installing the CrossFit Salzburg Ambassadors Club. 

All 2 year+ members automatically earn this status which brings benefits as described:

  • Unlimited members get a markdown from €149,- to €129,- (saving 20,- bucks per month.)
  • 2/week members get a 3rd day for working out for free. (you will now have 3 times/week, access to the gym.)

If you are 2 years or longer with us, you get automatically upgraded. You´ll notice in the gym (surprise) and you´ll be notified by email aswell.

The CrossFit Salzburg Ambassadors Club is live on 01.01.2015.

Furthermore we are updating our service for you in order to help you become the best athlete you can possibly be by:

  • adding a 3/week membership for our new and existing athletes starting February 2015. If you are interested in accessing the gym 3 times a week please see us in the office.
  • adding open gym times starting January 2015TBA soon, and more to come. Stay tuned.

Once again thank you athletes for your efforts in the gym. We are convinced that if you give your very best day by day, wod by wod beautiful things happen. Thereby we are changing ourselves for the better, thus we are changing our environment for the better and make this world a better place one step at a time.

Looking forward working out with you!

Your CrossFit Salzburg Coaches.

Trainer warm up 10 Min.

SKILL: 10 Min. Handstandwalk/Handstand Practise @ MDP.

Progressions: Wall Walk- Handstand against the Wall- Shoulder Tappings- Handstand Side Walk against the wall…

then 10 Min. to warm up to a heavy complex of

3 Deadlifts

3 Hang Cleans

3 Jerks



Teams of 2. One athlete completes a full round before switching.

The Bar can never rest on the ground. As soon as an athlete finishes his round he has to hand over the bar whereas the bar cannot hit the ground. If it does it is a 10 Burpee Penalty for both athletes.

AMRAP 12 Min. of:
12 Deads 61/42,5//42,5/30kg
9 HPC  61/42,5//42,5/30kg
6 Jerks  61/42,5//42,5/30kg

(RX+ 70/45kg)

Score: Reps. Scale weights as needed

HANDSTAND WORKSHOP with our Competition Proved Coach „BEKKI“.

Sign up in the gym. Max. 15 athletes! Spots sell out quick.




Congratulations, Marcel making the podium in Beaver Creek.  Your look tells that you´ll be back at that hill for more at the world championships. Can´t wait to see you race.

picture courtesy

picture courtesy:

Congratulations, Fabian Scholz winning both games with his new Club VEU Feldkirch. Dominating HK Triglav Kranj (HKT) 4:2 on Saturday, then crushing HK Celje (HKC) 11:3 on Sunday, while Fabi was on the Ice for 9 goals. Keep up the good work Fabi and have fun playing. (Still, we miss you in the gym.)



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