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09.09.2013 3D GYM MOD356


Trainer Warmup + Mobility for Rowing15 Min.

Trainer Intro on Rowing and Tech Warmup 10 Min.

Part A (15Min.)
3 Rounds
Row 45 sec. For Meters in an all Out Sprint.
Full Recovery 3 Minutes
Score Meters of each Round. The Goal is to Not Loose any ground on The following Round.

Part B
100 1-legged Burpees for Time
You already like Burpees then you will love the single legers… Think of it as if you had only 1 Foot, so during each Rep. Only One Foot can Touch the ground. The Other Leg can’t neither Touch the ground nor the Other Leg at any Time. You may Switch leg’s as Often as you want to but can’t Switch leg’s while Doing One complete Rep. Must Show chest on the ground as well as Body in One line in Top Position while both hands clap behind your Head whith no Foot touching the ground.
Time Cap. 15 Min.

Tryouts may do this as a Team Wod.
Score: Time Or Reps.
All Paleo „No Excusers“ make sure to Record your Score in your Wod Log!!!

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