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09.07.2013 3D GYM MOD403


Trainer Warmup 10 Min.

Skill: Box Squat Back Rack 50cm Box 20 Min.

Competition: 3-3-3-3-3 work up to a 3RM

Fitness: 5-5-5-5 work up to 5 heavy and excellent unbroken Reps.


4 Rounds of 3 Min.

12 Backsquats 60/40kg//40/25kg

300m Sprint

Amrap Pushups HR

Rest 2 Min. after each Round

Score: Pushups

Cannot use Racks in this Wod.

OMG legs again? WTF? They still burn from yesterday! Whenever you catch yourself looking for excuses why you can´t do this or that. Watch that Video! Thanks Reini for the tipp.

Listen to 8:55  I´m lovin´ it! No mater what… if your nose bleeds… you don´t feel like it….you got aches and pains…it´s still your motha fuckin set (WOD), let´s get it done. 


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