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08.11.2012 3D GYM MOD252


Trainer warmup 10 Min.

Time to lift some Weights today !!!

Skill: On the Minute for 10 Min.
1 Snatch Balance + 3 Overhead Squats, heavy and excellent! Control the Load, cannot drop the Bar. Focus on catching the bar in an effective „Overhead Squat Stance“
Rockies do 3 excellent OHS on the Minute


10 Min. to establish a 1 RM Power Clean


7 UB,6 UB,5 UB,4 UB,3 UB,2 UB,1 UB* (7PC-7PJ, 6PC-6PJ…) Time Cap 20 Min.
Power Clean @60%1RM
Push Jerk, weight remains

Rest as needed, *again control your load, if you can push it overhead you can control it all the way down aswell!
Score: Weight + Worktime

Congratulations to everyone who PRd on Deadlifts this Tuesday. We had 20 PRs that day! That means we are all doing something right. However if you did not PR that day do not get frustrated. PRs do not come every time, there are days where things just do not work out like you want it. That´s just the way it is. (See me getting pissed in the video after failing my PR) We could find a lot of excuses for that, soar from Monday, bad mental mood, did not sleep well… But that´s not what we stand for. So get pissed for that 1 Rep, that´s fine it just says that improvement means something to you-but then check mark it and hit the next wod. Walk your bridge one step at a time. Keep on „eat clean and train dirty“ and the results will take care of itself. (According to me, I can´t wait to hit the gym tomorrow 6 am for missing that 205kg DL ; ))
Coach Andi 

Making the 200kg PB
Failing and getting pissed on the 205kg PR Trial (No we are not on steroids, just „intense“ when it comes down to pushing our limits)

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