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08.07.2013 3D GYM MOD402


Trainer Warmup 10 Min.

Skill: Floor Press 15 Min work up to a 1 Rep. Max.

For Time:

100 AirSquats
75 walking Lunges
50 Situps
25 PushUps
Score:Time Cap 12Min.

Rest exactly 3 Min. then

5 Rounds of

20 Airsquats
15 walking Lunges
10 Situps
5 PushUps
Score:Time Cap: 12 Min.

Dieter´s Invitational 2013

First of all Thank You Dieter and Steffi for a FUN DAY full of  sun, delicious food(100% Paleo of course), an outstanding location and most of all great people. This Day felt like a complete 2 weeks all inclusive holiday!

The Challenging Team, Chris, Niki, Phil, Rudi and the Champ himself Gregor grinded out their first Invitational victory in 3 tight Wods. Wod 1 was decided by only 1 Ring Dip with a lot of emotions going on in between both teams, which resulted in a 10 Point lead for the Challengers. They continued their run in Wod 2 finishing with a 6:4 score. Wod 3 finally dominated by the host´s team scoring 20:15.

Final Score: Challengers 31 vs. Dieter´s Team 24 (…this not only sounds like a Football result, it also felt like being back on a team again)

Congratulations to the Challengers! Video in progress… Don´t miss it!

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