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08.04.2014 3D GYM MOD501


Trainer warmup 15 Min.

SKILL: CMAR Q1 Prep. (15 Min.)

Competition Fitness: Warmup then play with weights for the following couplet. (Don´t do the whole thing!):

Altersklassen Elite, Master & Master + (nicht Youth)

3 Minuten AMRAP von

2 Kreuzheben (deadlift)
2 Burpee over barbell (hand release)
4 Kreuzheben (deadlift)
4 Burpee over barbell (hand release)
6 Kreuzheben (deadlift)
6 Burpee over barbell (hand release)
8 Kreuzheben (deadlift)
8 Burpee over barbell (hand release)
10 Kreuzheben (deadlift)
10 Burpee over barbell (hand release)

pro Runde + 2 deadlift und + 2 Burpee over barbell (hand release)

The Goal of this session is to make out your weight for CMAR Q1, which will be done on “Friday is Gameday©” and Saturday 10 am class. If you haven´t signed up yet, sign up here. (It´s absolutely free!)



Front Rack Lunges
Pull Ups

Weights: 60/40//40/20kg
Score: Time. Scale weights as needed. Time Cap.: 15 Min.

Team CrossFit Salzburg representing our Box in THE ITALIAN THROWDOWN TEAM CRASH 2014 (Padova, Italy). 42 RX TEAMS aswell as 28 OPEN TEAMS from France, Belgium, Austria and Italy showed up to compete. CrossFit Salzburg made the Finals and finished 10th in a highly competitive RX Category. Congratulations to our friends from CrossFit Train Blue. Armin and his team made the podium finishing 2nd in the Open Category. Check us out on Facebook for videos and pics. See Event Scores here.

Team CrossFit Salzburg l.n.r.: Andi, Chrissy, Gregor, Bekki, Hansi;

Team CrossFit Salzburg l.n.r.: Andi, Chrissy, Gregor, Bekki, Hansi;

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