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08.01.2013 @ CFKP


Quick Update on what’s going on @ CFKP

Todays Wod:

8 Min. To Establish your 1 RM Power Clean
Rest 2 Min.
8 Min. Amrap Power Clean @ 90%RM
Coaching Point: Elite class Scores 30+ Reps.
Focus on maintaining Perfect Form on Heavy Reps.

Cashout 5 x 50m Prowler Push @185 LBS (actually it was 6 Rounds Since someone has to Drag the Prowler back ; )
All you Football pros know what it means pushing the Prowler.
Haven’t pushed One since years @ least it Feels like I haven’t pushed any in my Life.
Can’t wait to get Out of bed tomorrow…
Sore Greetz
Mike König aka „Kansas“ @ 125kg Power Clean

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