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07.04.2014 3D GYM MOD500


Trainer Warmup 15 Min.

Italian Throwdown Team Crash WOD 4 (modified)

In Teams of 3 (2 Men+ 1 Woman)

Row Or Run 3200m YOUR Choice.
200 WALLBALLS 10/6kg
200 MED BALL SITUPS 10/6kg
200 KB SWINGS 32/24kg Full American Swing !

Score: Time Or Reps. Time Cap. 35 Min.

Only 1 Athlete Works at a Time. If you choose to Run use the 400m lap for measurement. Scale weights and Team members as needed. 4 Team members are an Option aswell. You have to have at least 1 Lady in your Team. If no Woman Shows up in the Gym, go and find One!
Let’s SEE WHO finnishes this sucker as rx’d.

By the Way This Is WOD #500 on our Blog. Enjoy!

Power Greetz from Padova, Italy !


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