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07.03.2013 3D GYM MOD320


So tonight 2 am the waiting comes to an end. Open Wod 13.1 will be released by then.

What will it be… another crushing 7 Min. Amrap Burpees? I can´t tell and no one can tell by now. But there is one thing I can tell “IT WILL DEMAND OUR BEST” and that´s exactly what we are trained for as CrossFitters. You wouldn´t want it easy anyway because you belong to CrossFit Salzburg, the society that decided that easy would not suffice.

As Headcoach of CFSBG I am damn proud that 19 Athletes of our Gym signed up for the Open. That´s 20% of our Gym Members! Thanks to all of you. So let´s start this journey together as CrossFit Salzburg, giving our best on every rep.,making every second count and the score will take care of itself. “This is who we are, this is who we want to be”. Let´s do this together. Game on! Andi


Trainer Warmup 20 Min. Focus on Ankle-Hip Mobility, Wrist-Shoulder Mobility, Coaches Choice.

Skill: Thrusters, Focus on Hip Drive, medium weight(50% RM), high velocity. 10 Min. EMOM 3 Reps. 

21-15-9 (Time Cap. 12 Min.)

SDLHP 42,5/30kg

THRUSTERS 42,5/30kg

To all Open Competitors. We will judge you on the Open Wod 13.1, Friday and Saturday in regular class hours of your choice. Saturday we ad an extra class @ 9 am for Competitors to get judged. So you get Friday 7am, 8 am, 6:30pm,7:30pm as well as Sat. 9am and 10am.. This will be true for the next 5 Open Weeks. Make sure you enter your score on your athletes profile by Sunday midnight latest!!!


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