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07.02.2013 3D GYM MOD301


…there are some questions on the Standards- WODs CPDIII-
We will have another briefing prior to each Wod on Championsday. So if you do have questions keep them in mind and ask them after the briefing please,because they may get answered in the briefing . Also watch the briefing video, google told me that very little athletes have done so far. So please watch them, there shouldn´t be any questions left after.

Trainer warmup 10 Min.

8 Min. Burgener warmup-> Power Snatch

Skill: 1 Power Snatch 12 Min OTM, nice and easy, no drops.

Amrap 8 Min:
4 Hang Power Snatches, 42,5/30kg No Drops!!! Control your load!
8 T2B
Score: Rounds and Reps.
If you compete on Saturday don´t kill yourself on this one, get solid reps and save your grip!

Cashout: 10 Min. “Milk your Goat!” If you don´t have a goat, help others that want to get better, Thanks!

In case you still feel sore from Monday, I´ll give you an intense but very effective recovery tipp.
Take an ice bath for 3 Min. (All you Ninjas stay in there for 6 Minutes). It has to be ice cold. Please do not jump in a lake, take your own bath at home! Try it, it works!

Please do not!

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