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06.09.2013 3D GYM MOD355



Gameday Warmup

Walk through S.O.P.

Indi Warmup 10 Min.


Nordic Showdown 2013 qualifier workout NS-13.1

(pdf with scoresheet below)

16 minute AMRAP:

6 Toes to Bar
8 Burpees
10 Wall balls (9/6kg to 3,05/2,75m)
12 Russian Kettlebell Swings (24/16kg)

(Score is total reps completed. One round is 36 reps)
All men (incl. masters +40 & +50) use 9kg to 3,05 meters and 24kg.
All women (incl. masters +40 & +50) use 6kg to 2,75 meters and 16kg.

You do not touch the bar until the start signal is given. When the clock starts, you begin by doing 6 toes to bar. When finished with 6, you move on to do 8 burpees. When they are done, you do 10 wall balls. After that you do 12 russian kettlebell swings. All that makes up one round. Do as many rounds and additional reps as possible during 16 minutes.
Have fun!

Movement standards

Toes to Bar: The bottom position is defined as hanging from the bar with fully extended arms and hips, and feet behind the bar. In the top position both feet must touch the bar at the same time. The arms can be bent or straight in the top position. You are allowed to use a box in order to reach the bar but MUST then start the movement in free hang.

Burpees: In the bottom position the chest is touching the ground (the chest is the sternum and above). In the top position you will have extended knees, hips and be upright, in the air with the hands touching behind the head.

Wall ball: In the bottom position you have the crease of the hip below the top of the knee. In the top position the center of the ball must hit the target at or above the specified target height. Anything else is a no rep. If the ball is dropped between reps, it must be taken from the ground and not from “mid-air” in a bounce.

Russian Swings: In the bottom position, the kettlebell is between and behind the legs. In the top position, you have fully extended knees and hips. Your shoulders are above or behind the hips, seen from the side. The kettlebell is completely over The Height of your head. That means that if you are 180 centimeters tall, the whole bell needs to be above that height (as far away from you as you choose, but above a horizontal line, drawn from the top of your head).

Background and explanation
This workout should not give either big or small athletes an advantage. The aim of this workout is to challenge and test your aerobic ability in a mixed movement environment. In other words, this should be felt in the chest, just as much, or more than in certain muscles (of course individual attributes will affect this). This is attempted with the following recipe: relatively low skill movements and relatively light loads, performed in rep ranges that allows for pretty much constant movement for a substantial period. We hope that after this workout your heart and lungs hate us, as much as you hate yourself for not training this ability more often. Keep a steady pace and Breathe!

“SHOCKER OF THE WEEK” .. in case you don´t  join the Paleo V… here is another option.


“Almost invariably the best performers are those who train the most. I have yet to meet someone who did not earn their success through hard work and thousands of hours of training”
Anders Ericsson, Professor of Psychology at Florida State University who is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading theoretical and experimental researchers on expertise.

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