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06.03.2014 3D GYM MOD478


Friendly Reminder for Open Athletes Only:

Please Sign up for your heat 14.2. Friday 17:00h or Saturday 9:00h, 10:00h. You can only do 14.2 at these times in the Gym. I got a feeling in my gut that we´ll move some weight this time…

Trainer warmup 10 Min.!

Strength/Skill: Push Press/Box Jump (10 Min.)

Competition and Fitness: Warm up then 3-3-3 heavy Push Press. Warm up for Box Jumps (higher than you are used to! Not a 1 Rep Max Test!!!) after each Set.


1. EMOM 12

Odd- 7 Push Press (you choose the weight, around 70-80% 3RM)
Even- 10 Box Jumps 30/24″ // 24/20″

No Rest, then

2. EMOM 12

Odd- 10 TTB/Hanging Knee Raise
Even- 10 Burpees

Score: Total Reps. (Coaches, if class is crowded split crowd into 2 groups for 1.EMOM and 2. EMOM)

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