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05.08.2014 3D GYM MOD580


Trainer Warm Up 15 Min.

Strength: Deadlift (20 min.)

Competition/Fitness: Warm Up to a heavy weight then climb 1-1-1-1-1 to a true 1RM Deadlift.


21 DEADLIFTS 100/60//60/40kg

21 KBS 32/24//24/16kg

Run 400m

15 DEADLIFTS 100/60//60/40kg

15 KBS 32/24//24/16kg

Run 400m

9 DEADLIFTS 100/60//60/40kg

9 KBS 32/24//24/16kg

Run 400m

Score: Time, Time Cap.: 15 Min. Scale weights as needed. If there is hard rain substitute 400m row for the run. Coaches Choice.


Example of Video Evidence for Independent Athletes Qualifier WOD 1 (Thanks, Jens Brackland)


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