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05.08.2013 3D GYM MOD422


Trainer Warmup 10 Min.

Walk through S.O.P. 5 Min.

For Time:

Run 1.6 Miles (Gym->Stiegl->Gym, watch your step!!!)

100 DUBS  (200Singles)

75 Step Ups 60/50cm

50 WallBalls 10/6kg

25 Swings KB 24/16kg

Run 1.6 Miles

Score: Time, Time Cap.: 40 Min.

Watch your step on the run especially on your 2nd 1.6 miles, you´ll be running on rough surface… This is dangerous?- I don´t care, You guys are CrossFit! Tryouts may complete this as a team.

Looking for another Challenge? Here we go:

Start of the 1. 000´s Week. You may complete this wherever you want to, in the Gym, at the beach or in your office.

Monday: 1.000 Air Squats for Time. (There is a 60 Minutes Time Cap for all 1000´s events.)

What is this good for and why should I do it? Increase Workcapacity across broad times and modal domains.  

As a CrossFitter I am totally convinced that beautiful things will happen to you and the people around you by giving yourself up completely and not asking for anything in return. That´s why we do „stupid“ things like that.

Andi´s Top 5 Behind The Games 2013

5. Chris Petricenko: If you wouldn´t have asked me we both probably never made it there. Thanks for standing out me and my starbucks addiction. Also on the road we had been a pretty good team even a broke GPS could not keep us from getting where we wanted to. Old school card reading… Love it. Chris you may consider getting a pair of contact lenses, you know just in case… Thanks Chris for being a wonderful mate in Cal.

4. Dennis Weyland, for making it in the tennis stadium without all access tickets in two consecutive days. Looks like nowadays students know how to get what they want. Hope I do not get you in trouble by posting this blog… If so I am pretty sure you will find a way out. You already made it on „America´s Most Wanted“ with your against „a one way street action“. Dennis whenever you are in Vegas, please call me I would love to go on a Hangover with you there!

3. John Welbourne. Haven´t seen such a huge guy like you for a while. Watching you coach makes me feel I am the most gentle coach on this planet. I´ll work on it John…

John Welborne, CF Football, biggest guy in this Pic.

2: Matt Chan. Even so you could not continue your last years performance at all (finished 2nd 2012) you are another reason why one must love CrossFit. See yourself in this video. Thanks for the Pic, Matt, „Absolutely Cool“.

1. Dave Castro. Outstanding Programming. When he announced the 21k Row my first intention was Thank God I am no Games athlete. 5 Min. later I said to Chris let´s go and find a Rower. I need to know how it feels… People are doing you wrong Dave you are a very nice guy, thanks for that little conversation at the aquarius restroom.

I. Thanks to my brother Clemens, Head Trainer, Monika and Stefan for letting me go to the Games and taking care of business in the Gym and Praxis. Thank you I owe you big time.

California Road Trip Part2 Video is on upload, available asap.

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