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05.02.2013 3D GYM MOD298


Champions Day III “WOD 2” brought to you by Progenex Recovery.

WOD 2:  “Complex” Men Rxd, Ladies Rxd, Men Scaled, Ladies Scaled;

1st Attempt: 3 Hang Power Cleans- 3 Front Squats- 3 Jerks
2nd Attempt: 2 Hang Power Cleans- 2 Front Squats- 2 Jerks
3rd Attempt: 1 Hang Power Clean- 1 Front Squat- 1 Jerk

Score: Total Weight of all 3 Attempts

1 Minute to load your bar.
2 Minutes time frame to complete the 3 Rep. Complex.
1 Minute to load the bar.
2 Minutes time frame to complete the 2 Rep. Complex.
1 Minute to load the bar.
2 Minutes time frame to complete the 1 Rep. Complex.

Score is the total weight of all 3 Attempts. If you fail one attempt you get no score on this attempt. Once the bar is loaded, weights cannot be changed for this attempt. Choose your weights wisely!
The bar cannot be dropped during the Complex although you may drop after your last Jerk.

WOD 2 Briefing:

Athletes, if you signed up and can´t find your name on the list, please email me immediately, Thanks!
Champions Day III Athlete´s ID, Category, Heats

Trainer Warmup 10 Min.

Skill: 3-3-3-3-3 across Front Squat (20 Min. TimeCap)
Warmup to a heavy triple and work across the 5 Sets. Excellent Mechanics. If your elbows drop it´s too heavy.
This is no 3RM Test. Remember it´s Champions Day Prep. Week. Focus on Saturday!!!

Ladder: Amrap 12 Min.

3 Pullups
6 WallBalls 20/14 lbs.
6 Pullups
12 WallBalls
9 PullUps
18 wallBalls
12 Pullups
24 WallBalls
15 PullUps
30 WallBalls

Score: Reps e.g.: 18 Pullups/35 WallBalls

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