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03.11.2014 3D GYM MOD643



Registration Deadline Friday 07.11.2014 20:00h

Seminar starts 08.11.2014 9am sharp. Looking forward shaping your bodies within 30 days. 

Trainer Warm Up 15 Min.

Skill: TGU (10 Min.)

work up to a heavy 2Reps. Use odd objects. KB, FatBar, Barbell, Humans, MedBall etc.

WOD (24 Min.)

Every 8 Min x 3. 

In teams of 2, only 1 athlete working at a time.

Row 1k/750m

30 HSPU/30 HR Push Ups

15 TGU 32/24//24/16kg

10 Bar Muscle Ups/ 20 Burpee Pull Ups

Score: Time of each round. or Reps.

Scale reps. as needed to finish within the time cap. (If you do not finish the round within 8 min. start at the rower as soon as Round 2 starts at 8 Min.)



CFSBG TOP FEMALE COMPETITOR REBEKKA PERSCHL qualifies 3rd overall for the GERMAN THROWDOWN FINALS, Nov. 29/30 in Ilshofen, Germany.

Way to go Bekki. Congratulations! Proud, having an Elite CrossFitter in our ambitious Gym!

Rebekka Perschl, CFSBG Athlete. @ BOL 2014

Rebekka Perschl, CFSBG Athlete. @ BOL 2014


CrossFit Salzburg Gym Extension.

As you may have recognized we occasionally run out of space at evening classes. We are creating another 100 qm. to celebrate the sport of fitness. 

Thanks to all volunteers for your help (and patience with an old man; ) opening space for the gym. This is another time lapse camera dedication.


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