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03.03.2014 3D GYM MOD475


33 CrossFit Salzburg Athletes signed up for the Open 2014.

Congratulations, we are part of over 200.000 athletes worldwide to compete, amazing isn´t it! 14.1 is down. So no matter if you are quite happy or unhappy with your score and smashed or got yourself smashed in this WOD, get yourself focused on 14.2 . Remember, after 14.1 is before 14.2 . It´s about consistency during the next 5 weeks to perform at your very best in each Open WOD. It is You vs. You, Always !

Paleo Challenge VI succesfully ended last Saturday.

Are you kidding me, this was one of our most successful ever. Great Scores across the board. There are a lot of highlights in this Challenge but my undisputed number one performer is… Right, Günter B. Maybe you remember when I asked some of you in front of the crowd, why to participate in Paleo Challenge VI, Günter replied confidently. : “ I want to drop my waist circumference from 116,5 cm to below 105cm.“ Guess what he came up with after 30 Days? 104cm. He managed to loose 3,6 % Bodyfat. (Body weight: Day 1: 101,5 kg;  Day 30: 91,7 kg!!!) In only 30 Days, respectively! Now that´s what I am talking about. Way to go Günter. He assured that this would only be step one for his body transformation. I got no doubt at all that he does put his words in action. Stay tuned for PALEO VI Video and Scores.

Günter: Day1 Paleo Challenge VI 01.02.2014

Günter: Day1 Paleo Challenge VI 01.02.2014

Günter: Day 30 Paleo Challenge VI 01.03.2014

Günter: Day 30 Paleo Challenge VI 01.03.2014

Trainer Warmup 15 Min.

STRENGTH: „SALLY ON PUSH-UPS“ (5 Min.) (Use Plates, like in deficit Pushups, so the chest cannot touch the ground)

Walk through Movements, Set Up Stations (10 Min.)


-S2OH RX:42,5/30kg Fitness:30/17kg

-DEADLIFT RX: 60/40kg Fitness: 40/30kg

-BOX JUMP 60/50cm


Coaches Point: Rest 1 Minute after each Station. Light weights, move efficiently, make every Rep count. Cannot Drop Bars! Divide Group for stations as necessary. Set up enough Bars.

Score: High Score Tabata. Total Reps of each Station.

CrossFit Games Champion 2013,(Individual Women) Sam Briggs on 14.1

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