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02.09.2013 3D GYM MOD351



-PALEO CHALLENGE V „NO EXCUSES THE NEXT 28DAYS“ this Saturday 07.09.2013 10:00h

Paleo Seminar starts at 10am sharp. 45 Min. Seminar, followed by Measurements and Pictures. 10:50-12:30h. Sign up in the Gym.

– 14.09.2013 11:30-13:00h PULLUP WORKSHOP Coach: Rebekka max 10. Attendees, Sign up in the Gym and safe your Spot.

– 21.09.2013 11:30-13:00h FLEXIBILITY WORKSHOP Coach: Rebekka max 15. Attendees, Sign up in the Gym and safe your Spot.

Trainer Warmup 10 Min:
20 Min. to work on 1Arm Snatches and Pistol Squats. Play with the Snatch, use odd objects such as Olympic Bar.
AMRAP 20 Min.
5 Pullups
10 Pistols, alternating
15 1Arm Snatches, alternating 24/16kg
Score: Reps, scale movements to most difficult progression and weight as needed.
Never attended a Paleo Challenge. Take this chance to take yourself to the next level. If you already joined my Paleo Challenge Seminar, join again, this time I will talk about the mental side of changing oneself. I will teach you the right mindset to reach your goal. „No Excuses the next 29 Days“- Crack Your Fitness Code- HC ANDI

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