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02.08.2013 3D GYM MOD421



Gameday Warmup

Walk through S.O.P.

Indi warmup 10 Min.

3-2-1-Pick up the Bar and Compete!

Games Event6 2013

For Time:

27 Thrusters 95/65lbs

4 legless Rope Climbs

21 Thrusters 95/65lbs

3 legless Rope Climbs

15 Thrusters 95/65lbs

2 legless Rope Climbs

9 Thrusters 95/65lbs

1 legless Rope Climbs

Score: Time, Time Cap 20Min. Time to beat, Josh Bridges: 6:07.3 Min.

1Legless Rope Climb= 3 broken Chest 2 Bar Pullups (If you don´t get 3 in a row it´s a No Rep, Details explained by your Coach)

Andi @ Spectators WOD. In between the Games Events you´ll find plenty of chances to get in a WOD for yourself at vendure village.

Rudy Nielsen (Head Coach, Outlaw CrossFit, Coaches numerous Games Athletes) gives insights on his thoughts of the games.

1) It’s a real sport now — VERY real. The rules, parameters, elements and design of the individual events, or overall competition are completely malleable. This makes the sport completely unique, and eliminates the boredom of many major sports. What was perfected this year, that IMO is more important than anything else—is the clear definition of the events for the spectator.

Lanes with clearly marked stations for each round, multiple barbells with gigantic signs for load, and the constant movement of the athletes as they progress through the event, make the sport easy to follow even for the uninformed viewing public.

Also, while the broadcast is frustrating as hell for a coach to watch (they only show the leaders – or Camille), it’s insanely well done. The rep tickers were only on the ESPN feed, so many of us chose to watch the TVs that were streaming their version, instead of watching live or on the jumbotron.

2) These are some bad mother-f**kers. The haters have been saying the same things for years… “Just wait ’til the football players and ‘real’ athletes start doing you’re sport—they’re gonna crush your exercisers.”

Oh word…? *said with Mars Blackmon accent* (Google the name, children.)

Exhibit A:

Neil Maddox was a professional football player. Justin Allen played Division 1 football at the highest level. Neither of them even made the final heat of the “Zig-Zag Sprint” (horrific name). There is no argument that this event was a test of speed and agility. Any NFL scout or coach, would tell you it was legit. The six men in the final heat included three football players, and three baseball players. That’s it. Those “mid-level D1 guys” are here.

Interesting thought, and topic for a much longer/larger post… Is the reason they’re so good at this sport and were “mid-level” at their former sports, because they were genetically predisposed to not quite have enough type IIb muscle fibers to be great at sports that require a higher concentration of those? Conversely, would that also mean that an elite level “real” athlete could never be competitive at our sport because of their predisposition to the high end of the “quick-twitch” spectrum?

3) The final event(s) were easily the best since “Amanda”, and IMO, the best in Games history. Look, watching humans Deadlift 405/265# (FOR UNBROKEN SETS OF FIVE), then handstand walk 100′, is not just cool—it’s unprecedented. When I wrote “King-Kong” it was almost purely to show off how far some athletes could reach into opposite ends of the spectrum. Fifteen 405# Deadlifts, in unbroken sets of five, and 100′ of handstand walking (again unbroken), is pretty far outside of any traditional paradigm for human performance standards.

Not to mention, the races to the finish were just cool.

3.5) Second most impressive performance of the weekend was Michelle Crawford’s 11.9 on the final of the Zig-Zag (it hurts to even write that name). Not only did that time beat almost half of the men’s times on the first round of the heats, it was only two-tenths of a second slower than Ben Smith’s final heat time of 11.7.

 4) The amount of “shock-and-awe” was shocking. When “Pendleton” was announced last year, we all threw up in our mouths a little. However, everything from that point on was fairly reasonable and unsurprising. This year it seemed like there were multiple jaw-droppers at every turn.

I will not comment on whether I liked or dis-liked the programming this year—my personal preferences are completely irrelevant. We compete in a sport that makes its own rules. A legless rope climb, 405# deadlift, and marathon row are ALL within the parameters of the event. You think those were bad? There could have been backflips, ring muscle-ups to HSPU, a punt-pass-kick contest, or a 50 mile ruck march. Guess what? Those were ALL mentioned as “strong” rumors before the 2012 and 2013 Games (except the punt-pass-kick, I just like to think about the Euros doing that one). You think flipping a bright green steel box is hard? Try carrying a 24kg Kettlebell 50m across a pool. Yep, that was actually the biggest rumor last year.

None of the events were too far over the top, but they did provide enough of an “holy s**t” factor to allow the athletes to look, at times, like superheroes. I believe this is only the tip of the iceberg. Dave and the boys now know that these athletes can do almost anything (except swim – lulz), so they will continue to push the envelope of creativity, showmanship, and human performance. Three years from now we may look back at what many of us saw as a fairly extreme 2013 Games, and laugh.

5) CrossFitters can Clean, but they still can’t Jerk. Yes, this is a broad and sweeping statement. No it doesn’t really apply to the women’s side (except a very few), and frankly it only applies to a some of the men—but it’s pretty drastic when it does.

Twenty-nine out of forty-four men show a .1 after their final weight for the Clean & Jerk event. That means they missed the Jerk. Four of the top ten overall men this year were at least twenty pounds under their max Clean from last year’s ladder. The top two men from last year’s ladder completed Clean & Jerks this year that were forty and thirty pounds BELOW their maxes last year—that’s a lot of points left on the bar for a fairly easy lift.

Guess who hit the exact same number this year, that they did last year? Yep… Rich. If any of the other four top-ten men had matched the weight they Cleaned last year, they would have picked up from twenty-seven to fourty-nine points on the leaderboard. For all but one of them, it would have given them an extra thousand dollars in prize money. For Marcus Hendren (sorry Marcus, not picking on you), it would have meant a podium, and $27,000.

Watch the money wave bye-bye…

5.5) The most impressive performance of the Games was Amanda Goodman’s Clean & Jerk,(followed closely by Lucas Parker’s @ 86kg BW). She went head-to-head with two of the best lifters in America (not an exaggeration), who both outweighed her by a weight class plus, and put up a number that no one could catch. Her Clean was impressive, but she looked like she could have kept going on the Jerk indefinitely.

Editorial note: I decided not to comment on Elisabeth’s “Cinco 1″ because she is my athlete, and obviously I’m biased. You guys all saw it. Besides, who cares? It’s just my stupid opinion.

6) Rich Froning is the most dominant athlete on earth.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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