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02.05.2013 3D GYM MOD358


Hopefully everybody remained safe from climbing „Mai Trees“ yesterday.

Happy Birthday CrossFit Salzburg, we are having our 1st anniversary! There will be a BBQ in May to celebrate surviving the first Year of CrossFit. This time we will have nice weather, we are planning for a friday night BBQ, stay tuned we will announce it soon.

Progenex is on its way, sorry they let us wait for that good stuff so long. I ordered some in advance so we will have some recovery and more muscle in stock when you need it.

After yeserdays extra restday we are ready for a competition double header. Today French Throwdown WOD3 and tomorrow CMAR WOD2.

We will prepare you for the required movements in todays SKILL Session.

Trainer warmup 15 Min.


Competition and Fitness: 10 Min to work on your OHSQUAT. We are looking for Consistency here. 10-10-10 excellent OHS!


10 Minutes to practise your 1 Arm KB Snatch. Again Consistency is required. 15-15-15 left and right.Find a weight that will let you go almost unbroken for a long time, depending on your rowing skills. Expect to move that weight between 5-3 Min while  feeling like a Boxer being counted, coming off the rower!

then French Throwdown WOD3

For Time: (8 Min. Time Cap)

10 OHS 43kg/20kg

20 Hang Cleans

30 Front Squats

40 WallBalls 10/6kg to 3m/2,75m target

100 DUBS


10 OHS 20kg/10kg

20 Hang Cleans

30 Front Squats

40 WallBalls 6/4kg to 3m/2,75m target

100 DUBS or 300 Singles

Score: Time.


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