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02.04.2013 3D GYM MOD337


Open Update: 4 Down 1 to Go! Even though our primary competition is always against our selves in CrossFit the Open present a platform to test your fitness to others aswell. Surprisingly it looks like none of us will make it to the Games tho year ; )

So let´s take a closer look on the Leaderboards that matter to us.

In our CFSBG Leaderboard Male it all comes to a Show-down at the very last WOD 13.5

The Top 3 Athletes are just divided by 2 Points, Gregor taking the lead with 8 Points ahaed of Andi10, 10 Points followed by JohnJ9, 12 Points.

On our Austrian Leaderboard Male, CFSBG Athletes made a big Step forward now showing 4 Athletes among the Top 11 in Austria! Good Work CFSBG Keep it up! One to Go, One to hit hard as if there was no tomorrow! There is no 13.6!!!

Our Female Scoreboard is showing no significant changes,“All Time High“ Bekks in the lead with 4 Wins (maintaining 2nd fittest Woman in Austria!) followed by Chrissy and Denise, while Denise could catch up to Chrissy missing 13.4 due to the flue.

Paleo Scores Category I (Scoreboards) announced:

„SHOCK THE BUNNIES CHALLENGE“ Ranking after Category I:

1. Fatkiller Bunnies (5537 Points) C:Steffi L.

2. AMKAP (5461 Points) C:Tom A.

3. Meatlovers (5273Points) C:Andi 10

4. Transformers (5169 Points) C:Clemens D.

5. Caveman Crew (4771 Points) C:Michi G.

6. Moni`s SixPack (4522 Points) C:Moni H.

TeamCaptains make sure to turn in your TeamFoto until Wednesday  8pm!

The Winning Team will be announced at Fridays „CFSBG with RBK OPEN-CLOSING BBQ“

…now back to business… an extra Rest Day (Easter Monday) meaning we will fit in 2 Wods.

Trainer Warmup 20 Min.


12 Min „Chelsea“:

EMOM for 12 Min.

5 PullUps (prove me wrong, i bet we will see C2Bs in 13.5) Competitors C2B

10 Pushups

15 Airsquats

Score: 12/12, if you fail 1 Round, Rest that Round and jump back in, Score: e.g.11/12.

Rest 3 Min


3 Rounds of Accuracy for Time: Time Cap: 15 Min.

21 WallBallshots 10/6kg  10´/9´ Target 

21 Dubs, No subs for Dubs!

21 Abmat Situps

Score: Time.

Watch JK crush 13.4




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